U-SAVE is a Not-for-Profit, Client-Centered organization, serving landowners, development firms, financial entities and investors, engineers and architects, contractors and suppliers, committed to improving the outcome of capital projects and improving the global competitiveness of all parties. Essential challenges and opportunities are addressed from a strategic business development perspective. Our mission is: 1.) to represent our client's interests in the early stage of a projects' conceptual and predevelopment phases; 2.) assist clients in gathering necessary resources to perform their work; and 3.) to proactively assist Clients in the implementation, execution and ongoing managerial  functions necessary to sustain their project.  

My professional experiences include, but are not limited to, an extensive background in: 1.) Architectural glazing, curtain wall systems and glass-wall projects (Trenton Federal Building, Giant Stadium, Meadowland Racetrack, Conoco, GTE, Landmark Square and more); 2.) Condominium, Apartment, and PUD projects (Maine to Florida and Turks & Caicos); 3.) Site work; 4.) Concrete Restoration – High Rise Structures; 5.) Homebuilding and Affordable Social Housing (Haiti and other humanitarian projects); and 6.) forestry, logging, renewable energy, and export operations.

Project involvement has taken me from: Maine to Florida; Washington State to Hawaii; the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Haiti, the Island Countries of Antiqua, St. Lucia and St. Kitts , to Aruba, Costa Rica and even to Venezueala. Our renewable energy projects have engaged companies in Canada, the EU, UK, Denmark, Belgium,Turkey, Ireland, Poland, China, S. Korea, and Japan. We on find trade parters for forest products as an export and we work on import commodities to off-set ocean freight costs and logistics, along with negotiating for a Netherlands based firm to come to Maine to establish a CLT production facility for export. We can represent our trading partner interests accordingly.

While the aforementioned is multidiscipline; we focus on sustainability sectors of industry and primarily on making construction and development a sustainable practice by utilizing our forests and timber products to transform a global carbon culture toward lowering greenhouse gasses and reducing the effects of climate change. Therefore, we support a holistic approach from planting trees, afforestation, and reforestation, to sustainable harvesting for the production of construction materials such as Cross Laminated Timbers (CLT), Mass Construction, Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), stick-building from single-family homes to high-rise offices, libraries, apartments and retail plazas.

U-SAVE's  focus is to shape management and shift corporate direction toward this goal and to help in any way possible to assist our clients in achieving their objectives through responsible and sustainable construction practices.