Consultancy “delivery is no longer about high-priced consultant firms billing countless hours to solve company challenges. It’s about integrating necessary expertise and leveraging it with appropriate resources—technological and ‘right-sourced’ expertise—to solve personal and business challenges efficiently, cost-effectively, holistically, and measurably.” – Mark Cohen, Forbes

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Executive Summary

United – Strategic Association of Virtual Entrepreneurs (“U-SAVE”) is a Virtual Advisory Consultancy firm consulting to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firms (“EPC”) in Renewable Energy, Biomass and Forest Sustainability industries.  U-SAVE operates in a Maine as a B-Corp, to foster a ‘force of good’ into Global Warming and Sustainable Forestry objectives. Operating traditionally as brick & mortar services with extensive one-on-one interactions and exhaustive, time-consuming, and costly international travel. Until recent pandemic events and concerns, its clientele (the “Market”) has insisted on face-to-face dialogues – now changed to – all discussions are conducted via virtual meetings and conferences conducted on Zoom, SKYPE, Go to Meeting and other such platforms. Future business development is transformed to accommodate this change. U-SAVE offered limited scope virtual consultations in 2019 and now conducts its business in Virtual forum only.

The Maine-based office (the “Hub”) hosts its primary information and data processing system connected to a cloud platform-repository for storage, retrieval, document manipulation, and confidentially protected distribution of all virtual associates’ (the “Spokes”) files. Similar to law firms’ clients, U-SAVE will execute engagement agreements similar to lawyers agreements where confidentially is assured. A one-time membership fee will be accepted as consideration of the agreement and all client information will be secured. Similar to a virtual law practice, the client is sacrosanct and the virtual vendors and entrepreneur service providers will join the Association for a minimal annual dues-assessment based on the size of their firm –any fees assessed will only be based on the success of an assignment for which they are seeking to be affiliated with and aligned to projects and opportunities. U-SAVE is that link.

U-SAVE is differentiated from traditional “Business Development” paradigms where engineers, procurement professionals, and construction entities are typically engaged only after a project developer has expended substantial funds and endured many months of costly preplanning, pre-development and regulatory delays. In construction, traditional practices of competitive bidding are rather parochial as it can foster adversarial relationships from the outset of any project.  U-SAVE facilitates projects only from negotiated posture where every stakeholder is an ally with mutual purpose –dedicated to a universal benefit for all. Utilizing its prequalified membership of entrepreneurial expertise, U-SAVE consults and advises, confidentially and proactively, from a practitioner perspective. This hands-on approach, made possible through the beneficial establishment of strategic alliances, delivers substantial projects - while adhering to meaningful cost-containment practices and fast-track scheduling. The outcome-determinative responsibility to our clients is to nurture and promote their proprietary projects, minimize costs, accelerate completion, and maximize project success. The founder of U-SAVE has proven history of over 35-years and over $3.5 billion in projects developed worldwide, with over 60% of that volume directly linked to the founders ‘concept to turnkey’ involvement. There is no other company, consultancy or development professional providing the same level of services – either in the US or throughout the EU.