U-SAVE is available 24/7/365, through our Contact Page and by email, or text messages and by phone. In consideration of the ongoing travel restrictions and associated constrants on traditional travel; we operate entirely as a Virtual Advisory firm. As such, we are able to significantly reduce our overall operational and overhead costs, and become more available than ever before. When I began one of my first busineses, in the 70's and it grew substantially into the 80's; I remember wishing that I had access to consultants, that had actual hands-on knowledge, and that I could afford their duidance and advice. I never forgot that, and now I work hard to bring an extensive experience to clients, and at an affordable rates. At less than the price of a cup of coffee and a newspaper each work-day, you have access to your own personal service consultant - on call 24/7/365.

No project is too big or small. When you want to explore a project, validate it through feasibility or market analysis; we can and will perform that for you. If your concept project requires land, or you need a partner, joint venture participant or a land acquisition structure that will support your plan; - we'll be able to find that for you. If you are looking for team members, lenders, investors, or in-kind suppliers or vendors; we will assist to find that for you. If you are a small company wishing to get to the next level, to expand your services or to enlarge your productive capacity; we can and will help you get there. If you need a new business plan, a marketing or finance plan; we will help you write them, and we can assist in the presentation of them to your interested parties as well. If you have a piece of land that you want developed, we will assist in finding its best use and then assist in developing a meaningful and actionable proposal to support and achieve your goals.

I recognize some companies may not have funds to pay those bigger companies for this type of service - so I work not only to substantially reduce those costs but also accept a mixture of payment terms to fit your needs. As an example, when I represented a struggling company in Louisville, KY - he needed to rasie about $300,000. It took me a month to write the business, markeeting and financiang plans to substantiate his capacity. I was successful in raising those funds for him. Rather than taking any cash-fee payment (which I indicated to him that I thought would hurt his business), he suggested that I pick a used car off his lot. I had a son, at the time, who wanted a car as he was heading off to school. I drove home with a nice used car. My Client got the money he needed, I got a chance to drive home through beautiful country - visit the Corvette Capital of the World, - and my son got a used car for his high school days.

For 45 years, I have aligned my practitioner experience, with continued education to bring widened abilities and talents to the table to serve my clients at the highest levels of duty and care possible. My education mirrors a career resume with an undergraduate degree in business, an MBA in Business Administration, also an Operations Management Certificate from Cornell, Doctoral work at Nova Southeastern University - Wayne Huizenga School of Business, and finally Purdue University Global - Law School to round out my career in the study of Corporate Law.  I have developed and established incubator training centers in New Hampshire and Florida, for subcontractors, written multiple work-force development programs to train construction personnel, and then taught as an undergraduate Adjunct Professor at Lynn University, Franklin Pierce College, Notre Dame in NH and then at Florida International University in the Graduate Program for Construction Management and Engineering. I practice my professional expertise globally. I was invited by two Ministers of Haiti, in the immediate aftermath of the 2010 Earthquake. I wrote the first approved redevelopment and reconstruction plan to rebuild Haiti, with a budget of $1.5 billion. We worked with UNESCO, UN, USAID, Clinton Global Initiative and World Banks. 

It would be my honor to work for you to help you to achieve your goals.