“Art has a deep-seated, sincere desire to…discover the root of any problem and seek remedy for it. He's willing to go way beyond what many professional consultants are willing to do. In the consulting business, reputation is stock in trade, and Art is most reliable.  It's nice to come across someone who gives you more than you expect.” - Harold Brown Gold Coast  Real Estate

Below is a sample of 45-years of service to others in industry. A full list of Testimonials can be viewed at this link.

"Art's intuitively driven approach to establishing...an analytical business development program combined with his actual hands-on...experiences, provided perspective we needed to create value for our clients and ultimately our firm."  - Randy Marshall Director of Development Atlantic Global Enterprises, LLC
"Art's greatest strengths are his energy, creativity and optimism.  He also has a great deal of humility and has a deep sense of civic responsibility, contributing in extensive ways to uplift others in need. Arts' greatest talents are in overcoming obstacles.  Art will always do the right thing by everybody… He does not compromise on honesty, integrity and accountability – and he demands that of others."   - Paul Kennedy, Esq. Real Estate Development Attorney
"I have known Art House for several years through the Gold Coast Builders Association network. Mr. House has an extensive knowledge of construction industry marketing and business development from a hands-on perspective. Art has a unique ability to impart his knowledge base to others, whether they are clients or his Graduate Students at Florida International University." - M. Myers - Exec. Director Gold Coast Builders Assoc.

“Dear Mr. House, we want to thank you for visiting with us in Washington DC and with our team on the ground in Haiti. We appreciate you providing your professional predevelopment and feasibility research work necessary for us to complete our contemplated 102 three-bedroom facility within our overall social housing program to serve the needs of the displaced citizens on Haiti since the earthquake of 2010. Your unique approach and concept will greatly benefit participants of this overall project is that the workforce to be trained and gainfully employed under this program will actually build these homes and be the very first persons to be offered means and methods of owning their home. As we move forward with the UN and with other agencies such as UNESCO we will continue to engage your services.”  - Dr. Goatly, Director African American Baptist Mission Collaboration - DC

"We retained Art House in early 2009 to write our business development plan, together with a feasibility study and market analysis for our Fox Run project, a 36-unit residential development in Brunswick. Absent this meticulously detailed work, we would not have been able to proceed. With the professional documentation generated, from a completely open and objective viewpoint, we were armed with the necessary tools to obtain funding and to progress."  - James Murray, President - J.M. Muray 

"We have had the pleasure of working with Mr. House… as an international business development consultant on several significant projects related to my…diplomatic relationships on the Island Countries of Antiqua, St. Lucia and St. Kitts. Mr. House …devised in its entirety, programs that involved feasibility studies for Renewable Energy Plants in [Biomass],…Wind and Solar sectors, Municipal Waste to Energy Plants, Jatropha Plantation and Bio-Diesel production for export, Low Cost – Social Housing utilizing alternative building [forest] products such as CLP and SIP structures and Sustainable Technology.  - Kerry Babb, President & CEO Paradise Technologies & Solutions  ​​​​​​​

"If there ever was a [person]who could fall out of bed and catch a contract in his hand before his feet hit the ground; it's Art House. In a three year period of engagement, between 2005 and 2008, Mr. House personally, successfully negotiated more than $200 million in GC contracts, and additional CM at Risk contract fees of more than $1.5 million. He has an instinctive ability to get directly to the equitable center of proposed transactions. A lot of competitors would go into interviews armed with fancy presentations and fanfare. Art would go in with solutions and come out with the contract."  - T. M. Moore, President Moore Constrution Management
"Necessity breeds vision. In a small NH town of about 2,000 people and no home delivery of mail, there was a need for a new Post Office. Two sites were available nearby. Art structured the purchase of both. One was a mountain and the other a ravine. We moved the mountain to the ravine and built a Post office and a Mini-Plaza. Even though banks were not issuing construction loans during the banking restructuring days, he got the project 100% financed based on the PO lease that he negotiated on our behalf.  Art advertised for tenants and arranged to help start their busineses and get them financing (SBA). We filled the entire building with new and complementing businesses, started a convenience store with entrance arches that had to be walked through to get to the PO. We owned the store - fully designed and outfitted by Art's client Associated Grocers of Manchester, NH. When completed, we sold the building 100% leased, while at the same time local plazas were 60% vacant. What more can one ask for?" - Dartmouth College Highway Plaza, NH
"Mr. House made a significant difference when we embarked on a transformational program. The combination of his strong analytical skills, in-depth technical and business knowledge and a collaborative working style, was exactly what we needed. The way Art supported and challenged us was a key to our success." - L. Klein - CEO Morganti & Strasser
“Art told me he could find me $1 million in new site-work in one year. Well, $ 960,000 in three months was all I could handle. - MW Parrot, MWP Site Work Construction
"Art is a true marketer and business development professional. He finds not only new markets but new ways of penetrating old markets. He gets people back to work." - Steve Casey - Construction Consultant - of the Palm Beachs
"Cranmore Ridge Condominium PUD, took Art only 30 days to negotiate ... $ 4.1 million ... the biggest contract we had in 31 years."  - Doing Business in Concord NH - New Hampshire Business Review
"As a result of our engagement with Mr. House, we were successful in finalizing and implementing development plans for our 521-Commerce Centre, a major flex-space facility. The feasibility study and market analysis, along with construction cost estimates and constructability analysis were instrumental in developing the basis for the projects' overall economic viability".  - James Katzoudas, Princple, Capital III Management, LLC
"We retained Art House in early 2009 to write our business development plan, together with a feasibility study and market analysis for our Fox Run project, a 36-unit residential development in Brunswick. Absent this meticulously detailed work, we would not have been able to proceed. With the professional documentation generated, from a completely open and objective viewpoint, we were armed with the necessary tools to obtain funding and to progress.  - James Murray, President - J.M. Muray
“We are thankful for your work – with us and with the African American Baptist Mission Collaboration, on our planned housing project for Haiti. Your proposal for the utilization of Modularized CIP Panelized Homes is of great interest to us and we welcome your continued research and development on this potential for affordable housing that not only can be constructed quickly but has the unique ability to use local materials to manufacture the panels and more importantly, the people that would be trained for this work will also be the beneficiaries of a new skill, gainful employment and a home as well." - Lott Carey Foriegn Mission Convention, DC
"We reorganized our existing business model, Purchasing Policies, and Debt Structure, as recommended by Art House. We saved, by cost containment initiatives alone, $168,000 per year, which went directly to the bottom-line.  Art has proven to be highly articulate and knowledgeable about matters that helped us to implement meaningful change in our business operations, which increased the value of our business." - Rob Heintzman, GM JR's Volvo, KY
"Art helped to reorganize our marketing and business development efforts to better align our construction management company with a prospective client type, better suited for our capital constraints and productive capacity." - Robert Greer, President - Peabody Construction Management
“Thank you for your proposal for the delivery and installation of a city wide Solar Lighting system for our Cité Soleil-Year 2011 project. This as you know, is my brother, President Martelly’s priority project. We hope that your associates and our team as well are able to raise the necessary funds to install these desperately needed lighting systems in the most hard hit and hazardous of locations. On behalf of the people of Haiti I thank you for your continued support.” - Dr. Farah Blain - Miami, FL
"Mr. House sought funding for several projects we had under development, in the amount of $183 Million between 2007 - 2008. He was successful in finding funds where none seemed to exist." - Frank Miletto, Pres. Centurian Partners​​​​​​​
Fox Run was a small project of $8 million. Because of his work, we were successful in obtaining a commitment of funds to commence work. Not only did Mr. House make this project possible but, he did it again for us on our planned project The Refuge, which was a 113 unit planned unit development with a $13 million budget. We'll use the services of Mr. House again - and again."  - James Murray, President - J.M. Muray
"....We were successful in obtaining the commitment for funding shortly after we finalized our work with Mr. House. In this economic climate of 2008, that is almost unheard of. Without his assistance in obtaining the $15 million needed, we would not have been able to proceed."  - James Katzoudas, Princple, Capital III Management, LLC
"Art is an exceptionally bright business development professional who obtained funding, preconstruction sales and other tangibles to get our $27M project back to life. Art negotiated a GMP contract with a Construction Management firm for us and our project "Atlantia on Jupiter's Riverwalk" is now a reality for us.  He is devoted to getting a company to grow.  He worked tirelessly to make it happen. Art is a high energy professional, diligent and sticks to a task until it's done.  I would definitely work with Art again. " - Sidney Adler, Member WAVE Holdings, LLC
"In order to proceed with our development, we needed $3.4 million for construction costs and an additional $1.1 in soft costs. With no foreseeable funding in sight, from traditional sources, we asked Art to see what he could do to raise the funds required to move forward. Three months later, we broke ground and saved our project - and literally our life's savings. A casual introduction to Art resulted in the successful funding of our project." - Trace Oliver, V. P. Stony Brook Estates, LLC
"When our productive capacity was close to being outstripped...Art arranged an investment of $300,000 in cash to cover their needs and to fund their preconstruction soft-costs. Art then negotiated with an institutional buyer for the presell-out of more than 25% of the proposed units for the developer. The project went forward and we received a $40 million contract for construction." T. M. Moore, President Moore Constrution Management
"Mr. House negotiated in excess of $225 Million in new construction contracts for us as a General Contractor and over $1.5 Million in new CM at Risk Fees in under an 18-month period. When we needed funding to enhance productive capacity; Art raised the funds. When our client needed investment funds he arranged for unit sales, bridge loans, venture capital and long-term loans." - M. P. Moore, President Moore Construction Management, Inc.
"Art developed implementation plans for manufacturing facilities to produce CLT timbers and SIP panels. Also, he introduced the production of bricks and blocks from existing resources damaged by the earthquake in Haiti and the production and assemblage of windows and doors to be used in affordable social housing that could be built by a citizen workforce. I remain forever appreciative of Mr. House and his selfless assistance, support and professional guidance – for which he informed me that he was grateful to have been able to contribute toward.” - Kerry Babb, President & CEO Paradise Technologies & Solutions 
"Mr. House ... impressed me as a professional orientated toward contributing a high degree of proficiency, integrity, cooperation, and attention to detail in all of his undertakings. I've known him to manage all ... with great diligence and strict adherence to fiduciary accountability. You will find him to possess a high level of energy aimed at providing a compelling level of energetic, exacting, detailed and competent service to his constituents."  - Scott Patten, President GSC, Inc. Construction Managers
"Art is a people person, has practical experience, has a no-nonsense bottom-line approach and knows what he’s talking about: exactly the type of professor I would have liked to have had as a student at the University of Florida Building Construction program. Art directed us toward new ways to use our expertise. He gave us more information in 90 minutes than any ten consultants could provide in a month. He's enthusiastic, supportive and inspiring - and that's catching. He bestows credibility from an industry perspective, as many construction professionals are skeptical of “academics” that often tend to lack hands-on expertise. His unique combination of academic and practitioner credentials serve students, clients and administration well.”  - Margaret Runchey, CS3 Consulting Services, FL